Let Union Be

Let union be in all our hearts
Let all our hearts be joined as one
We'll end the day as we began
We'll end the day in pleasure
When we are together

Lyric excerpted from a folk song with roots in the English Grange community. This stirring refrain alternates with a rowdy drinking song, "Come My Lads and Let's Be Jolly." Collected by Revels from the folk singer Jim Mageean, it is recorded on the 1994 album "The Wild Mountain Thyme." A musical notation advises to "sing with expansive fervor." Here is a link to a performance by the Puget Sound Revelers.

Calligraphy and design by Cari Ferraro, 2014.

detail image below

Artist's edition digital print (card available here)

10 x 8-inch image,on 14 x 11-inch acid-free watercolor paper